9th Week of Pregnancy – The last month of the first trimester

The 9th week of pregnancy marks the completion of the first trimester. Aside from the many changes that both the mother and the baby have to go through, it’s also the time to think and plan everything.

Baby’s development

Baby's development

At week 9 of pregnancy, the baby measures about 1 inch just like the size of a grape and less than 2 grams in weight. The baby continues to grow and now considered as fetus. The tail-like feature disappears and looks more of a human being.

  • Eyes – The eyes are completely covered by the eyelids, but the eyes will open until the 26th week of pregnancy.
  • Ears – The earlobes become visible.
  • Facial features – The nose and nostrils are more distinct as well as the mouth that looks like a flat line.
  • Neck – The neck is more defined and able to move.
  • Limbs – The toes and fingers are visible and the ankles and wrists start to develop.
  • Joints – All the joints such as the elbows, knees, shoulders, wrist, and ankle joints start working, thus the baby can move in the amniotic fluid.
  • Bone and skeleton – The cartilage starts to form throughout the body and the skeleton start to harden.
  • Digestive system – The digestive system starts to develop as well as the diaphragm that allows the baby to hiccup and breathe.
  • Intestinal system – The intestinal system including the gallbladder, pancreas, and bile ducts are formed and the intestines elongate.
  • Movements – The baby starts to move at 9th month of pregnancy.
  • Heart and blood flow – The heart of the baby beats around the 24th On the 9th week, the four chambers and valves begin to form allowing the blood to pump in and out.

Body Changes at 9th Week of Pregnancy

Body Changes at 9th Week of Pregnancy

Some women may not look pregnant during the first trimester, but body changes are noticeable. As the size of the breast increases, it’s about time to wear a maternity bra. You should also wear clothing made from stretchy and breathable fabrics.

The uterus increases in size just like a small melon. You may also feel pain and cramping in the lower part of the abdomen. Throughout the pregnancy, you may experience contractions as the uterus grows. Some pregnant women experience vaginal bleeding and if it comes along with pain, the best thing to do is to see your doctor immediately.

Heartburn is also common during pregnancy because the hormone slows down the movement of food along the digestive tract. To avoid heartburn, you should take smaller frequent meals. Likewise, you should also avoid lying down after eating and avoid spicy foods.

The veins start to bulge on the hands and legs due to the extra volume of blood flowing. They protect the baby while you lie down or stand. Some may gain weight while others lose weight. It’s important to maintain healthy weight while pregnant to avoid the possibility of high blood pressure and other complications during labor.

As the pregnancy advances, you may experience headaches and backaches. Other symptoms of pregnancy that you may notice during the 9th week include feeling of bloating, dehydration, lethargy, nose and gum bleeds.

Pregnancy may also bring emotional changes such as anxiety and stress. With this, it’s essential to avoid things or anyone who can cause stress. You may overcome stress and anxiety by listening to music, talking with other people, or taking a warm bath. It is important to be emotionally healthy during pregnancy.

Always follow medical advice such as intake of folic acid. Your doctor may recommend undergoing Nuchal Translucency Scan to determine if there is any abnormality developing to your baby. You can do exercises but not the strenuous activities. Above all, eat healthy and nutritious diet.

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