Look Into Pregnant With Twins

Pregnant With Twins: Twice The Love And Double The Trouble

Multiple births are now increasingly frequent due to fertility therapies and later-in-life conception. 

Being pregnant with twins is one of the most common scenarios of all time.

It is not just blissful for the parents, but also a roller coaster ride for them as the trouble is twice. 

So is the love and fun!

How many kinds of twins are there?

How many kinds of twins are there

There are two kinds of twins.

They are the Identical and Non-Identical Twins.

Identical Twins

Identical Twins

When a single egg (zygote) is fertilized, identical twins (monozygotic twins) are produced.

The egg then separates into two, producing genetically identical twins.

If your twins are identical, you will have two girls or two boys because identical twins are always of the same sex. 

Non-identical Twins

Non-identical Twins

When two different eggs are fertilized and then implanted into the womb, non-identical twins (dizygotic twins) result (uterus).

They are no more alike than any other pair of siblings.

The majority of twins are not identical. 

The newborns could be either one sex or both.

How can you figure out if you are pregnant with twins?

How can you figure out if you are pregnant with twins

You can believe that you’re carrying more than one child if:

  • Given your dates, you appear larger than you should 
  • Given the fact that you’ve undergone reproductive treatment and twins run in your family

Typically, your 12-week scan will reveal whether you are pregnant with twins.

If the babies share a placenta, which would suggest they are identical, or if they have two different placentas, this information should be provided to you during the scan (meaning they can be identical or not).

You should receive a second scan if the first one does not make this evident.

How can you get pregnant with twins?

How can you get pregnant with twins

The origin of identical (monozygotic) twins is unknown. 

There is a 1 in 250 chance that each person could give birth to identical twins.

No family has a history of identical twins. 

However, a few things increase the possibility of having non-identical twins:

  • Some ethnic groups have higher rates of non-identical twin births than others, with Nigerians having the highest rate and Japanese having the lowest.
  • Due to a higher likelihood of releasing more than one egg during ovulation, women over 35 who are pregnant are more likely to conceive non-identical twins.
  • Due to an inherent propensity to release more than one egg, non-identical twins are more common on the mother’s side of the family.

How can you understand if your babies are identical when you are pregnant with twins?

How can you understand if your babies are identical when you are pregnant with twins

A DNA test is the most reliable approach to determining whether twins are identical. 

Only after your children are born can this be done.

Your first ultrasound should be able to reliably identify the type of placenta your twins have if it is performed before 14 weeks.

If not, the placenta can be checked once your children are delivered.

What are the signs of being pregnant with twins?

What are the signs of being pregnant with twins

There are some situations where carrying multiple fetuses makes sense. 

However, exhibiting twin pregnancy symptoms does not always indicate that a woman is carrying two fetuses.

Some of these symptoms start appearing in the first few weeks of pregnancy and include:

  • Infantile fetal movement
  • Movement of the fetus in various places
  • Greater than gestational age is the fundal height
  • The baby bump is more significant than anticipated
  • Fast gaining weight
  • hCG, a pregnancy hormone, or alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), a protein produced by the fetus’s liver, is present at high levels
  • Fetal Doppler shows more than one heartbeat

What are the complications of being pregnant with twins?

Complications of a twin pregnancy include:

  • Anemia
  • Congenital disorders, such as spina bifida
  • Pregnancy diabetes
  • Pregnant women’s blood pressure is high (preeclampsia)
  • Restricted intrauterine growth (IUGR)
  • Reduced amniotic fluid (oligohydramnios)
  • Abrupt placentation
  • Preterm delivery
  • A surplus of amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios).

Only one twin receives an adequate supply of blood flow while in the womb, a condition known as twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.

Premature twins run the chance of developing extra issues, which could include:

  • A bleeding brain
  • Breathing problems, such as apnea, due to undeveloped lungs
  • Having trouble keeping warm
  • Feeding problems
  • Low weight at birth
  • Vision issues

What do medical experts say about being pregnant with twins?

What do medical experts say about being pregnant with twins

Medical experts generally advise that pregnancy with twins can be more complex, and the following can happen:

  • Higher rates of preterm birth and low birth weight
  • Increased risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy)
  • Higher risk of complications during labor and delivery
  • A higher need for interventions such as cesarean section and the use of assisted reproductive technology (ART)

However, advances in prenatal care and technology have also improved outcomes for twin pregnancies, with many twins born healthy and without complications. 

Take away

Planning for pregnancy involves preparing your body and lifestyle for the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood.

Your doctor will manage your pregnancy like any other unless a complication arises, even though being pregnant with twins seems extremely different.

Take every second of this voyage since children are nothing more than a gift from life.

Remember that it is important for women carrying twins to receive regular prenatal care, proper nutrition, and close monitoring to optimize the health and well-being of both the mother and fetus.





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