7th Week of Pregnancy – Enjoy your little secret

The 7th week of pregnancy marks that you’re about one and a half month pregnant. The size of the baby is like the size of a blueberry and the measurement of the embryo is approximately .51 inches that is 10,000 times bigger a month ago. The development of the baby concentrates in the head in which new brain cells have been developing at least 100 per minute.

Baby’s development

The baby develops rapidly during the seventh week of pregnancy. The facial features become more apparent particularly the mouth and the tongue. Other parts of the body start to develop such as:

Legs and arms

At the 7th week of pregnancy, the legs and arms of your baby start to sprout and grow stronger and longer. At this early stage of pregnancy, the limbs buds look like paddles.


During this week, the kidneys start to develop and ready to do their functions. Thus, your baby will begin to produce urine.


The liver begins to generate red blood cells and at the same time develop its own blood type.


The eyes start to develop at this stage along with the lens and the retina.

7 Weeks pregnancy symptoms

Each pregnant woman may deal differently with the symptoms of pregnancy from one another. In fact, some may find difficulty in getting through it, while others seem no big deal at all. The most common symptoms that a pregnant woman may experience on the 7th week of pregnancy include the following:

Frequent urination

During these days you may spend more time in the bathroom due to frequent urination. It’s because the pregnancy hormone increases the blood flow to the pelvic area. It is recommended to increase liquid intake, but avoid coffee as it is a diuretic.


As your body engages in developing the placenta, most likely you will feel tired not to mention coping with the conflicting emotions. To overcome fatigue, it is important to increase the energy level by eating small, frequent meals.

Swollen breasts

The size of the baby on the 7th week is as small as a blueberry, but the breast of the mother may look like melons. It may cause discomfort as it becomes tender, achy, and tingly and the culprit is the pregnancy hormones, progesterone and estrogen. The areola becomes larger and darker as the pregnancy progresses.

Indigestion and heartburn

Indigestion and heartburn is very common during pregnancy. With this it is recommended to avoid food that triggers heartburn such as fatty or spicy foods, or caffeinated drinks.

Aside from those pregnancy symptoms, a pregnant woman can also experience food aversion. This can be confusing because the food she once loved to it now makes her stomach yodel with anguish.

Some pregnant women experience cramping on the first trimester and this can be normal. However, if the cramping occurs along with neck and shoulder pain or accompanied by discharge, dizziness, or contractions, then you should call your doctor immediately.

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