Crazy Hacks To Make Yourself Sneeze Speedily

13 Crazy Hacks To Make Yourself Sneeze Speedily

Ha ha haaa… ???

Are you stuck with an about-to-sneeze situation that hasn’t crossed the threshold to let loose?

Chances are you have an irritant collected in your nostrils.

The reason we sneeze is to blow out the irritants or germs collected in our nasal pathways for clean breathing.

Even though we are surrounded by an army of harmful irritants like pollen and germs, occasionally you will find yourself having trouble sneezing where your nose feels itchy and it just wants to explode but is stuck.

This can feel quite frustrating especially if you need to clear your nasal pathways and relieve congestion.

If you’re struggling with a stuffy nose or seasonal allergies, sneezing can be an excellent way to clear your sinuses and breathe easier. Just a few well-timed sneezes can make all the difference!

What if I told you there are some crazy hacks to make yourself sneeze on command regardless of whether you are already experiencing that prickling sensation or you simply want to get rid of any irritants?

Why Can’t I Sneeze?

Below are some reasons why you are unable to sneeze:

  1. The most frequent reason for unexplained inability to sneeze is because of some mental conditions like you feel like you want to sneeze but your body is resisting
  2. A tumor on the medulla can impact your ability to sneeze
  3. Some irritants are stuck in your nose like a muck, fungus spores or a tiny irritant that your body is trying to get it out
  4. Serious conditions can affect your ability to sneeze like neurological problems such as a stroke or brain tumor and behavioral issues

There is no need to take any action if your sudden inability to sneeze is a new thing and is not causing you any issues as you can still sneeze sometimes.

Sneezing is random and occurs without prior notice so a sneeze will happen when it needs to happen.

But, if you feel irritated that you are unable to sneeze when you feel the need to then here are some techniques you can try to take matters into your own hands.

13 Simple And Easy Tricks To Get Yourself To Sneeze

Here are 13 tips and tricks to make you whenever you want to take control of the unable-to-sneeze situation:

1. Look at bright light

Look at bright light

About a third of the population in the US have a built-in photic sneeze reflex (PSR) or ACHOO (autosomal dominant compulsive helio-ophthalmic outbursts). 

If you are in an about-to-sneeze situation then exposing yourself to bright light will help you sneeze.

Exposure to bright light like sunlight can induce sneezing in those who have a family history of sneezing when exposed to bright light because it is a hereditary trait.

To check if you have this photic sneeze reflex, you can:

  • Sit in the dark for a while after turning off the lights. Then, look up at the light and turn it on after giving your eyes some time to adjust to the darkness.
  • Keep your eyes tightly closed while standing in the sun and use your hands to block the sun. Remove your hands after a short while, and then open your eyes. Be sure to not look directly into the sunlight to avoid damaging your eyes.

If you sneeze trying both the methods above then you come from a line of people with photic sneeze reflex.

This works because of the upper (ophthalmic) part of the trigeminal nerve, which regulates sneezing as it crosses the optic nerve immediately beside it while the middle (maxillary) part of the trigeminal nerve is connected to the nasal cavity making it sensitive to light. 

2. Squeeze or rub the bridge of your nose

Squeeze or rub the bridge of your nose

Massaging the bridge of your nose downward with firm yet gentle pressure with your fingertips can trigger the trigeminal nerve that can help drain the fluid in your nose.

Continue massaging your nose until you notice a tiny tickle which will make you sneeze.

You will need to experiment with this technique till you get the desired results so keep practicing till you hit the mark!

You can also try humming while pinching or squeezing the bridge of your nose to induce sneezing.

When you feel like a sneeze is about to come out then release your hold on your nose to prevent air from being trapped in your lungs or risk popping your eardrum.

3. Pluck a nose hair

Pluck a nose hair

Tweezing a hair from within your nose will give you an itchy or prickly sensation causing you to sneeze.

When pulling out a hair from your nose, the trigeminal nerve gets stimulated which makes you sneeze almost immediately.

So, the next time you want to let your sneeze out, gently pluck your nose hair!

Your nose is sensitive, so plucking out a hair will make you teary and give you a slight prickly hit, so make sure to be gentle while plucking.

4. Smell a strong spice

Smell a strong spice

When you smell or breathe into a strong spice like grounded black/white pepper, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cayenne or crushed red pepper, you will let out a sneeze as the membranes within your nose become irritated.

Piperine, a substance found in pepper, can irritate your nose by inducing nerve endings within the mucous membrane.

You can either use the spices in your cooking and take a deep breath as you add them, or you can open the bottle and smell the spices. 

You can also try grinding a few peppercorns with a mortar and pestle to bring on a sneeze.

Your nose tries to get rid of the foreign object by making you let out a sneeze!

Make sure to inhale just a little bit at a time because too much can turn something from pleasantly spicy to painfully burning sensation.

Capsaicin, a compound found naturally in hot peppers, can also trigger sneezing.

You can take a whiff of some capsicum extract which is naturally derived from hot peppers and is used in both medicine and pepper spray. 

Pay attention to the amount you put on the swab and don’t apply it directly into your nose as it will burn.

Instead, dab the top of a bottle of capsicum extract with a cotton swab and hold it in front of your nose and inhale through your nose to induce sneezing.

You can even try opening a hot pepper if you do not have a capsicum extract like jalapeno or chili and dab the inside with a cotton swab and breathe into it.

5. Press the roof of your mouth with your tongue

Press the roof of your mouth with your tongue

By stroking the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue, you can make yourself sneeze. 

To find the precise spot that causes a sneeze, you will have to press the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth and slide it back as far as you can.

The middle (maxillary) branch of the trigeminal nerve runs along your mouth’s roof and rubbing the roof of your mouth stimulates this nerve ending causing you to sneeze.

This method will take time so be patient while you play around with the roof of your mouth as the pressure points differ from person to person.

6. Breathe in cold air

Breathe in cold air

Chilly air makes us sneezy.

To let out a sneeze, simply turn on your air conditioner and breathe in some cold air!

Inhaling cold air stimulates the trigeminal nerve that irritates your nasal lining making you sneeze almost instantly. 

You can also try opening your freezer and lean your face into the cold air and breathe it in for a few seconds.

You can also try to take a hot shower and suddenly move your head out and breathe in the cooler air.

If it is colder outside than inside then get out to inhale a burst of cold air to aacchooo!

7. Tickle the inside of your nose with a tissue or a faux feather

Tickle the inside of your nose with a tissue or a faux feather

Another certain technique to trigger a sneeze is to wiggle or move anything inside your nose. 

Twist a tissue into a rolled point and move it around the inside of your nose a bit till you feel ticklish, then you will let out a sneeze!

You can also hum while doing this to create more effect.

You can do the same using a faux feather where the trigeminal nerve within your nose gets activated when you brush the hairs around your nostrils with a feather.

This sends a signal to your brain to prompt you to sneeze.

Make sure to not insert anything into your nose beyond the margins of your nostrils, not even a tissue or any pointy object and go for outer stimulation.

And do not use real feathers as the dust in the feather can risk causing breathing problems.

8. Pluck a facial or eyebrow hair

Pluck a facial or eyebrow hair

Facial hair is very sensitive to your skin so plucking a facial hair near the nose or eyes like a stray eyebrow hair activates your trigeminal nerve and nasal nerve causing you to sneeze.

To see if plucking your facial hair will bring out a sneeze, use the tips of the tweezers and grab the eyebrow hair close to its root and quickly pull it out.

Your eyes will tear up as a result of plucking your facial hairs.

Tweezing your facial hair should only be tried a couple of times because of the sensitivity of your face.

9. Drink something fizzy

Drink something fizzy

When you open a carbonated drink, you will feel an itch because of the fizz and the carbon dioxide in it that gets into your nose making you sneeze.

Grab a fizzy drink with plenty of fizz and start drinking it but you will need to hold the container directly in front of your nose and breathe in that way.

The carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks activates a tongue receptor called the TRPA1 receptor. 

The body produces more saliva when numerous receptors are activated, which causes a cough or sneeze.

Your nose is more sensitive to carbon dioxide than your tongue is so inhaling the bubbles works better.

10. Have a chocolate

Have a chocolate

Make yourself sneeze by having some dark chocolate or any chocolate with more cocoa.

This is a delightful approach that works better for those who don’t consume a lot of chocolate than those who do.

Although the precise reason why extra-cocoa chocolate makes you sneeze is unknown, it’s possible that it’s your body’s natural response to the extra foreign particles of cocoa that are being ingested or it serves as a form of photic sneeze reflex (PSR).

11. Sniff through a strong perfume

Sniff through a strong perfume

Have you noticed yourself sneezing when you are around strong perfumes or scents?

The lining of your nose gets irritated by just spraying a potent perfume or cologne around you which will make you sneeze.

Strong perfumes stimulate the trigeminal nerve when the droplets of the perfume are close to your nose inducing a sneeze.

Do not spray the fragrance into your nostrils as you will feel a burning sensation instead allow the aroma to entice you in and work its own magic.

12. Inhale warm water

Inhale warm water

Something as simple as warm water can trigger you to sneeze.

You will need to dip your nose into a shallow bowl of warm water and take a quick inhale of the water before tilting your head back.

Leaning your head back and looking upward can help trigger a sneeze with the water droplets surrounding your nostrils.

13. Chew/sniff mint-flavored items

Chew sniff mint-flavored items

Sneezing can also be induced by chewing on one or two mint-flavored gum sticks. 

The sneeze is brought on by the inhalation of a gum’s strong mint taste.

A strong minty breath can cause you to sneeze because it over-stimulates the trigeminal nerve’s neighboring nerves.

Sneezing happens when you inhale the aroma while chewing gum with mints like peppermint gums.

If you have some peppermint essential oil on hand, then crack the bottle open and breathe in the oil’s aroma.

You can also inhale mint toothpaste to bring out a sneeze by irritating your nose’s delicate nerves which is similar to spices.


It is important to sneeze and some of these methods prove to be more effective for you than others. 

Try not to use excessive force when implementing any of these techniques as each person has a unique set of sensitivities and responses to irritants.

Certain methods can be more effective for those who have the flu or a cold for example, if your nose is congested with mucus then physically stimulating the nerve endings in your nose will bring effects rather than breathing irritants.

You must practice caution, though, as some of the methods can irritate your nose. 

So, find out the method that works for you and be gentle with your nose to prevent discomfort.

Be careful to not put anything pointy or hard inside your nose when inhaling irritants to arouse your nasal nerves to prevent nose injuries.

It is not a major problem if you are unable to sneeze when you feel the need to, but if it is happening regularly then it is concerning, so make sure to visit your doctor to look deeper to look closer into your health.


-Why Do I Need To Sneeze?

-Your nose becomes irritated when you experience an allergic reaction, a viral infection, a change in temperature, or a sudden bright light. In order to get rid of bothersome irritants in your nasal pathways, a signal is sent to your brain that prompts you to sneeze. 

-How Can I Make A Baby Sneeze?

-Saline solution sprayed into a baby’s nose typically causes them to sneeze which clears the buildup in their noses. To get your infant to sneeze, you can gently try to tickle his or her nose with a tissue or handkerchief. You can also use a bulb syringe or a cool mist modifier to help keep their nasal passages moist.

-Why Do I Feel Good When I Sneeze?

-When you sneeze, your body releases endorphins that are feel-good hormones. These hormones interact with your brain receptors that help you with pain relief and stress reduction giving you a positive feeling in your body. 


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