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A Cure For Hot Flashes That’s Natural And Affordable

Searching for a safe and natural cure for hot flashes? Reinvent the “change of life” with natural herbs to stop hot flashes and menopause symptoms in its tracks.

If you’re just starting the pre-menopausal phase you may have heard about the risks of hormone and estrogen therapies.

While it is true that some hormonal changes are taking place and they are the main causes of hot flashes, there can be an increased risk of heart disease associated with chemical hormonal replacement remedies.

In fact, some women are unable to safely participate in these traditional hormonal or estrogen therapies because of past family history or increased risk factors.

While it is true that hot flashes will subside on their own after a few years, they can be very disruptive for many women.

What Causes Hot Flashes?

When estrogen levels start dropping during the pre-menopausal or menopausal stages, your body’s internal thermometer senses it and will generate hot flashes, to indicate something is happening.

Women that have high estrogen levels before menopause may see the most pronounced symptoms, but hot flashes are caused by the process of the hormonal drops and not low estrogen levels.

Those that have lower estrogen levels to start with might not experience hot flashes. There are other factors that can contribute to the likelihood of experiencing hot flashes, including smoking, obesity, physical inactivity and ethnic background.

Herbs For Hot Flashes

Since you might have heard about side effects that are caused by the prescription estrogen or hormone replacement therapies, you might decide to search for the safest, hot flash relief and solution herbs.

There are certain herbal ingredients that are known to relieve hormone-related systems. In fact, you may have heard of Tribulus in male hormone enhancement, but there might not be many people that realize it can affect hormonal imbalances in women, too.

Red Clover extract is an herbal ingredient that offers hormonal balancing, which can relieve symptoms. While declining estrogen levels are believed to be the cause of increased hot flash occurrence, the safest solution to battle the problem is with herbal ingredients.

Of all the natural remedies, Black Cohosh is by far the most studied and well-documented herb that effectively reduces signs and symptoms of menopause.

Avoid Harmful
Side Effects

For those that want to avoid the harmful side effects associated with prescription estrogen or hormone replacement therapies, there is an affordable and natural cure for hot flashes that doesn’t have the risky side effects.

There is no reason to let the menopausal symptoms associated with estrogen loss affect your life. In fact, research has found the hot flashes can interrupt sleep patterns and lead to insomnia, which can cause depression, anxiety, lack of concentration and memory problems.

These problems can have lasting effects and they contribute to some of the most negative connotations associated with menopausal women.

With an effective blend of safe, natural herbal ingredients, Female Rejuvenator is an affordable option that can relieve the symptoms of estrogen loss.

Not only can you avoid the higher cost and harmful side effects of prescription estrogen or hormonal therapies, but it is easier to keep hot flashes and menopause from disrupting your sleep and your lifestyle.

Many of our readers have reported experiencing reduced menopausal symptoms with Female Rejuvenator.


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