Chest Pain Stress

Take Control of Chest Pain Stress

Chest pain stress is one of the most common signs of stress, especially among women. As women, we face a daily struggle to balance all the various elements in our lives and that can take a real toll on our body.

The Physical Toll of Stress

Stress can be caused by a number of factors, primarily major changes in life such as death, divorce, moving, changing jobs or having a baby. Of course, there are many other factors which can also cause chest pain stress, including the holidays for some people.

Though it is commonly seen as a psychological disorder, stress actually has a direct physiological cause, namely the increased production of adrenal hormones, which is responsible for most of the symptoms associated with stress.

Comfort and support your adrenal glands using such herbs as Borage, Eleuthero, and Huang Qi to normalize the amount of cortisol in your body.

It’s imperative that we take control of stress, so stress doesn’t take control of us! It can have a variety of physical symptoms from fatigue and changes in appetite to impaired nerve function.

It is estimated that 80% of all disease is stress related. That’s how all encompassing the effect of stress is.

When it comes to chest pain stress can be a leading cause, since stress can put undo strain on the entire cardiovascular system.

What’s The Best Way to Deal With Stress?

The key to relieving stress is providing the proper nutrients the body essentially needs, as it does not absorb ingested nutrients well when under stress.

Only when these nutritional deficiencies are restored, can the body operate back to its proper functioning of the nervous system.

While poor nutrition doesn’t cause stress, correcting a deficiency can be beneficial when you’re battling it. A healthy intake of a women’s multivitamin can be very helpful, to restore dietary nutritional loss.

By providing the body with the help it needs, nature’s herbs can achieve long term results giving you the peace of mind you need.

One such product we have found which can achieve this is Mind Soothe by Native Remedies.

One of the key ingredients targeted specifically to ease stress related symptoms is St. John’s Wort, which helps to keep the nervous system from being overwhelmed, and supports a balanced mood.

Passionflower is calming and is a potent addition to any anti-stress formula. Taken in combination, the above mentioned herbs can help treat common signs of stress including chest pain, as they help you to cope with life’s stressors.

Extensive research has supported the therapeutic and tonic benefits, as well as the safety of these herbs.

In addition to MindSoothe or as a stand-alone natural remedy, PureCalm contains herbal ingredients which can instantly calm the nerves, and helps to combat pressures related to work, relationships, or other pshycological stressors.

Women have reported feeling “immediate” feelings of calm when using PureCalm to instantly soothe nerves.

Making lifestyle adjustments and using stress management techniques will also make a difference on your ability to cope with stress.

Making Lifestyle Changes to Help Combat Stress

Relaxation is often difficult for people suffering from the effects of stress, but it is necessary. A technique called progressive relaxation can be very helpful for alleviating chest pain stress, as it positively forces your body and mind slow down.

This involves tightening and relaxing the major muscle groups one at a time, being aware of each sensation. It’s a very powerful and natural practice for stress management and relief.

Furthermore, this wonderful technique has been used in hospitals for in-patients and out-patients for helping to bring stress under control, with great success.

Getting regular exercise such as walking, running or team sports can clear your mind and keep stress under control. Getting sufficient sleep is very important.

Diet recommendations include avoiding processed foods and all foods that create stress on the system, such as those containing preservatives, red meat, sugary foods, chips and similar snack foods.

Limit your intake of caffeine which contributes to nervousness and can disrupt sleep patterns. You should also avoid alcohol, tobacco, and mood-altering drugs while under physical or mental duress.

While these substances may offer temporary relief from stress, they do nothing to really address the problem and they are harmful to your health.

By taking this holistic approach, you can address the connection between stress and chest pain, as well as other physical stress-related symptoms, like hives stress or stress causing seizures, and safeguard your heart and body from disease.

Stress And Seizures: A Dangerous Combination

Stress causing seizures is not something which is talked about readily, but the more the medical community learns about seizures, the more it is becoming obvious that the two can be directly connected.

For women, seizures are just another one of the signs of stress to look out for.

Understanding Stress

We all deal with stress in our everyday lives. Living the fast paced life that we do, balancing work, family and taking care of the house, can easily bring on signs of stress.

When this normal stress begins to linger and increase is when it starts to become a real problem.

An over abundance of hormones and other chemicals can lead to a variety of physical symptoms including heart palpitations, chest pain, skin irritation and even seizures.

The buildup of chemicals in the body can be quite destructive, causing all of the major systems to misfire. Stress causing seizures stems from the neurological system being affected.

But other parts of the body can be just as bothered by stress. Studies have shown that stress has a greater effect on cholesterol levels than diet, for one example.

All of which makes dealing with stress of the utmost importance.

The Natural Answer for Stress Relief

While there are a number of factors that cause stress, including major life changes such as death or divorce, it is primarily a physical condition and in order to successfully treat it the physical cause must be addressed.

Homeopaths have developed a safe and effective way of doing just that using a special blend of all natural ingredients to form the most complete stress relieving remedy available today.

For busy working women, this kind of quick and easy solution is certainly welcome.

“Xtend-Life’s Neuro-Natural Serenity” is one such product, specifically formulated not only to improve the health of your brain and nervous system, preventing stress causing seizures, but also to produce a calming effect.

This is accomplished through the inclusion of natural substances such as SAMe, as well as herbal extracts like Valerian and Hops.

Together, these ingredients help to strengthen mind and body and better enable you to meet the demanding needs of your everyday life.

How exactly does the natural approach work …

Valerian helps to ease mood disorders, anxiety and psychological stress while Hops helps relieve feelings of nervousness and irritability.

Each of these ingredients is further enhanced by being combined with other natural ingredients to maximize their effect. Together, they provide a safe, gentle alternative to traditional anti-depressants and other mood altering medications.

Rest Assured With Natural Remedies

While there is still much to be learned about stress causing seizures and other physical symptoms, one thing you can rely on is the safety and effectiveness of “Xtend-Life” products.

All of “Xtend-Life’s” products have been developed by clinical psychologists, homeopaths and other licensed professionals. “Xtend-Life” provides only the best quality products which meet high quality standards at every phase of production.

It’s all too easy for life to get away from us, but for busy women who fall prey to the effects of stress, there is an answer.

Hives Stress Don’t Let Stress Get Under Your Skin

When it comes to hives stress can be a major culprit. Stress can affect nearly every major system in the body, which is why it is a much more serious problem than most people even realize.

There are many signs of stress that can manifest themselves and the more you are aware of them, the easier they will be to avoid.

This is especially true for women, who deal with a different level of stress on a regular basis than men.

Stress From The Inside Out

While we are all necessarily aware of the stress we encounter in our everyday lives and the excess stress caused by major events such as divorce, changing jobs, moving and having a baby, what we fail to realize is the extent of the effect it can have on our bodies.

Can stress cause hives? The answer is an emphatic yes. Stress can cause a variety of skin problems, including hives, as well as heart rhythm disturbances and many other physical symptoms.

Statistics even show that stress can cause increased nerve growth factor release, which inhibits the body’s ability to fight disease, leaving you open to any number of chronic illnesses.

It is for this reason that it is so important to find ways to combat stress. As more and more working women fall prey to its effects, fighting it off is becoming an ongoing battle.

To avoid hives stress can cause, as well as other symptoms, it is important to treat the whole body.

Ease Your Stress Naturally

In order to fight the effects of stress it is important to address the buildup of chemicals and hormones in the body that it causes.

Nutritional imbalance can be a part of the problem and getting a balanced diet is a big part of any natural treatment. But so too is helping to ease nervousness and maintain calm.

Can stress cause hives? Yes it can, and natural treatment can help to ease that uncomfortable side effect by treating its underlying cause.

One product which has proven particularly effective for women suffering from stress is “Pure Calm” by Native Remedies.

This unique blend of 100% natural ingredients works to improve the health of your brain and nervous system and produce a calming effect.

For women experiencing hives stress has caused, and other physical symptoms, this has proven to be the most complete and successful approach.

With ingredients such as Lemon Balm to help ease nervous symptoms, anxiety and psychological stress and Lavender and Passionflower to help relieve feelings of nervousness and irritability, “Pure Calm” helps to make you feel better in mind and body.

If you’ve ever asked can stress cause hives and been told yes, now you know the perfect way to combat that kind of reaction.

Stress Relief You Can Believe In

Whether you are dealing with hives stress has caused, or other stress related symptoms, there is reason to breathe easy.

Native Remedies produces only the highest quality products made to exacting standards under the guidance of homeopaths and other medical professionals.

Because they take such care in creating their products, you can rest assured that by using their products you are getting only the best nature has to offer.

As working women, it’s easy to fall pretty to the effects of stress but you can fight back.

Talk to your doctor about your options and consider the natural alternative to easing the symptoms of stress. Your mind and body will thank you for it!


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