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11 Beauty Products to Stay Away from During Pregnancy

Getting pregnant involves many limitations, only on the foods you eat and activities to do. Likewise, your doctor will require you to follow your medications. 

But, as you want to look beautiful throughout your pregnancy, you should be careful in selecting beauty products. 

It is because there are ingredients in your makeup and other skincare products that are harmful to your baby.

Here is a list of beauty products and ingredients which you must avoid.

1. Anti-aging lotion

Anti-aging lotion

Pregnancy poses many changes to your skin, making it dry. It is important to apply lotion to moisturize the skin, but be sure that the skin care product does not contain retinoids. A chemical is harmful to your baby inside your womb, as it may result in birth defects.

2. Anti-acne medications

Anti-acne medications

Acne breakout usually happens during pregnancy. If you’re facing acne problems while you are pregnant, you should not use anti-acne medications like Retin-A. It contains ingredients that can impede the regular growth of your baby.

3. Cleanser


Doctors are prohibiting pregnant mothers from using beauty products like cleansers and facial toners which contain salicylic acid. You should also avoid beta hydroxyl acid or BHA, which can cause pregnancy complications.

4. Hair straightening gel and nail polish

Hair straightening gel and nail polish

Pregnant women should be careful in using nail polish. This beauty product contains a harmful ingredient called formaldehyde that is known to have negative effects on pregnancy. This chemical is also present in other beauty products like artificial eyelashes, hair straightening gels, and more.

5. Body perfumes

Body perfumes

Experts recommend staying away from using body perfumes that have a strong fragrance. Before buying any perfumes, you should check the label if it includes phthalates. This chemical has a strong reaction to your baby inside your womb. The worse thing is that the chemical reaction can lead to various developmental problems.

6. Hair-removing creams and gels

Body hair may appear during pregnancy. That is why many pregnant women are looking for hair-removing creams and gels. As you want to get rid of that unwanted hair, you must be conscious that most beauty products contain a chemical called Thioglycolic acid. Keep in mind that the skin is sensitive throughout pregnancy, making an expectant woman vulnerable to problems.

7. Skin whitening creams

Skin whitening creams

Expectant mothers should not use or apply skin-whitening creams. Such beauty products contain glutathione and hydroquinone, which are harmful for the growth of your baby. It is because these chemicals affect the enzymes responsible for your baby’s development.

8. Hair colors and dyes

Hair colors and dyes

During pregnancy, it is recommended not to use hair colors and dyes. These products contain diethanolamine and lead acetate, which is harmful to your baby.

9. Whitening skin lotions

Whitening skin lotions

If you’re pregnant, never try using skin spray or self-tanner products. They contain dihydroxyacetone, which is extremely harmful. It can affect the DNA of your baby.

10. Hair washing products

When using shampoos and other hair-washing products, you should check the ingredients. Often these products contain methylisothiazolinone. It is an antifungal agent, but highly hazardous not only for the expectant mother but also for the baby.

11. Sunscreen lotion

Sunscreen lotion

If you want to use sunscreen lotion while you are pregnant, make sure that it does not have a high dose of oxybenzone. The chemical can cause an allergic reaction in your baby. To keep your unborn child safe, it’s better to use mild and non-greasy products to avoid the potential side effects.

It is important to give proper care to yourself during pregnancy by using beauty products. But make sure to avoid those products that contain harmful ingredients hazardous during pregnancy. Ask your doctor which product is safe to use.

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