17 Best Ab Workouts For Women

17 Best Ab Workouts For Women: Quick Guide for a slim body with professional tips

Whatever comes from the heart, stays forever! 

Whatever does not come from your heart, soon shows.

Similarly, it might be challenging for many ladies to get a slim waist, though they really want one!

The ab workouts for women can be a fantastic solution!

Although the muscles of men and women are similar, women often have longer waists and larger pelvises. 

It may be difficult to get flat, firm abs as a result.

You may only need to make a commitment to doing more than just regular sit-ups if you want to develop visibly defined abdominal muscles.

Fortunately, many different ab workouts are risk-free, and efficient, and help strengthen your core more than crunches do. 

Your core, often known as the collection of muscles that supports your spine and pelvis, may be strengthened on several levels using a regimen you can make by combining and contrasting these exercises. 

You’ll have better posture, more balance, and less joint discomfort if your core is strong.

Unsure of how to change up your ab workout for the greatest outcomes? 

No need to worry; we’ve prepared a list of the top core exercises you can use to build rounds that will give you a burn in all the right areas. 

Here we have made it easier for you by dividing the article into two parts!

Such that, both newbies & experts can get benefit out of it. They are-

  1. Beginner ab workouts for women
  2. Advanced ab workouts for women
Here are the top 10 beginner ab workouts for women-

1. Scissor Kicks Workout

  • Lift your legs a little while maintaining a grounded lower back while doing these ab workouts for women.
  • Lift your left leg over the right and your right leg over the left. 
  • After that, swap repeatedly until you have finished all of your reps. 
  • As you walk, try to keep your toes pointing.
Professional advice: 
  • Pay close attention to maintaining contact between your lower back and the ground. 
  • Lift your legs a little higher if you find this difficult.

Best for:  spinal cord

2. Hip Lifts Workout

  • While lying on your back, lift your legs so they are parallel to your body.
  • Lift your hips a few inches off the ground while pulling your navel toward your spine. 
  • Restart the action by lowering the hips to the floor. 
  • Restart the action by lowering the hips to the floor.  
  • Flex your feet in front of your face while keeping your hands firmly planted next to your body and keep doing these ab workouts for women.
Professional advice: 

To make this exercise more difficult, attempt to finish each rep without letting the hips touch the floor.

Best for:  spinal cord, transverse abs

3. V-ups Workout 

  • Start by lying down and raising your arms straight up in the air.
  • Draw your belly button toward your spine as you inhale.
  • Sit up and extend your arms toward your straight legs as you exhale.
  • Repetition at a lower level
Professional advice:
  • If you need a little help, raise yourself up on your forearms if this is too difficult.
  • From here, flex your knees until they are at a 90-degree angle.
  • Straighten your legs while lowering your chest to the ground.
  • Once you’ve crunched up, tuck your knees up into your chest.

Best for:  rectum, transverse abs

4. Hollow Body Hold Workout

  • Knees should be bent while lying on your back. 
  • Your knees should be precisely over your hipbones once you have raised them.
  • After that, crunch up and raise your shoulders. 
  • Chin lowered to the chest. 
  • Your thumbs should be pointing up towards the ceiling as you extend your arms toward your hips.  
  • Drive the floor with your lower back. 
  • From here, extend your legs straight up to the ceiling and then bring your arms up to your ears. 
  • Until you feel your lower back slipping off the ground, drop your legs to the floor. Lift your legs a little to discover your sweet spot when you get there. 
  • Hold this posture for 20 to 60 seconds. Don’t forget to breathe, or else these ab workouts for women will not work properly!
Professional advice:  
  • You may focus on straightening your legs and bringing them closer to the floor as you gain strength in this posture. 
  • Keep your lower back flat on the floor at all times. 
  • You won’t have to worry as much about getting into position once you identify your sweet spot.

Best for: transverse abs

5. Toe Touches Workout

  • Start off on your back, pointing your legs upwards. 
  • Reach for your toes as you crunch up. 
  • Repeat the action while descending. 
  • To activate your lower abs, flex your toes in the direction of your face.
Professional advice:  
  • For this one, it’s acceptable if you can’t touch your toes. 
  • Just make an effort to climb as high as possible. Knees should be slightly bent if your hamstrings are tight.

Best for:  spinal cord, transverse abs

6. Sit Ups With Towel

  • Put a towel (or an AbMat) beneath your lower back and roll it up. 
  • Put your feet in a butterfly posture with the soles touching.
  • Putting your back on the floor, start the movement.
  • Inhale.
  • As you exhale, tighten your abdominal muscles.
  • Touch your feet and hands once more.
  • Keep your foot soles firmly attached to the ground.
Professional advice:  
  • A towel placed under your lower back will support your spine and let your abs perform the majority of the effort rather than your hips. 
  • Additionally, it starts with your abs in a more extended posture, allowing you to fully stretch and contract them.

Best for: rectum, transverse abs

7. Flutter Kicks Ab Workout

  • Brace your abs and fix your lower back to the floor. 
  • Then, squat as low as you can while maintaining a grounded lower back by lowering your legs as much as you can. 
  • When you’ve reached a difficult height, lift your feet by an inch. 
  • Start kicking your legs gently up and down. 
  • As you finish the exercises, breathe in and out through your nose.
Professional advice:  
  • To get the most out of this movement and to preserve your lower back, keep your lower back firmly planted on the floor.

Best for: spinal cord, transverse abs

8. V-sits Workout

  • Laying on your back with your legs straight in front of you is the best starting position. 
  • As you lift your legs to your chest, sit up straight and touch your heels. 
  • Then, as you straighten your legs to the floor, stoop down. Re-raise your seat to begin a new rep.
Professional advice: 
  • Before you sit back up, drop your legs and body as low as you can without hitting the floor to make this action more difficult. 
  • Keep your knees bent the entire time to make it simpler.

Best for:  spinal cord, transverse abs

9. Leg Lifts Ab Workout
  • Begin by lying on the ground with your legs straight in front of you and your head facing the ceiling. 
  • Glue your lower back to the floor to strengthen your core.
  • Lift your legs roughly a foot off the ground while you keep that level of involvement. 
  • Pump your feet vigorously. One rep consists of one “up-down.”
Professional advice: 
  • Keep your lower back firmly planted on the ground! 
  • You might need to elevate your feet a little higher until you can maintain that core engagement if you are having problems doing this.

Best for:  rectum, transverse abs

10. Hip Dips Ab Workout

  • Support yourself in a side plank position by leaning on your right forearm. 
  • After that, bring your right hip to the ground. 
  • Use your abs to raise once more. 
  • Complete the required number of repetitions, then repeat on the opposite side.
Professional advice: 
  • Be careful not to lean forward or backward and to maintain your hip bones stacked on top of one another. 
  • Ensure that the elbow resting on the floor is precisely below the shoulder. 
  • The opposing arm can be held straight up in the air or on the hip.

Best for: spinal cord, transverse abs

Here are the top 7 advanced ab workouts for women-

11. Most Intense Plank Ab Workout

  • Lie on your stomach and then raise yourself up using your forearms and toes to complete the move. 
  • Maintain a straight line from your elbows to your shoulders when doing these ab workouts for women. 
  • Your shoulders should be pulled back from your ears. 
  • Keep your hips, neck, and spine in a straight line while squeezing your glutes and abs. 
  • Aim to maintain the position for 20 to 60 seconds. 
  • Hold while taking nose-only breaths in and out.
Professional advice: 
  • Avoid lifting your hips up toward the ceiling. 
  • If you find it too challenging to maintain, lower your knees to the floor and stay in this posture.

Best for: rectum, transverse abs, obliques.

12. Vertical Leg Crunch Workout

  • Crunch upwards toward the ceiling before lowering yourself. 
  • To activate your lower ab muscles, flex your toes toward your face. 
  • Complete another rep by repeating.
Professional advice: 
  • This crunch is excellent since it reduces tension on the spine. 
  • Do not attempt to curl your head to your legs with your arms to prevent strain on your neck. 
  • Instead, turn your head to the ceiling and concentrate on raising your shoulders and chest all the way to your knees.

Best for: rectum, transverse abs

13. Reverse Crunch Workout

  • Lie comfortably on your back and bend your knees to a 90-degree angle. 
  • Your hands should be behind your head. 
  • Next, raise your knees toward your chest and your chest toward your knees. 
  • For the number of reps you’ve chosen, start over.
Professional advice: 
  • This is yet another excellent crunch variant that works the deeper abdominal muscles without placing as much strain on the spine. 
  • Avoid lowering your head toward your knees. Instead, elevate your shoulders to protect your neck and prevent discomfort.

Best for: the rectus abdominis

14. Plank Rolls Advanced Ab Workout

  • Start in the posture of a forearm plank. 
  • Ensure your elbows are below your shoulders and your hips aren’t lifted up into the air before you start the exercise. 
  • Squeeze your abs as well as your glues. 
  • After then, turn your pelvis to the left and then to the right. 
  • Make sure you execute the same number of reps on each side, regardless of your preferred rep scheme.
Professional advice: 
  • Breathe in before beginning the plank roll, and then exhale as you work to lower your hip as much as you can. 
  • On the way down, be careful to contract your obliques (side abs).

Best for: rectum, transverse abs

15. Dead Bug Ab Workout

  • As you raise your arms until your wrists are squarely over your shoulders while lying on your back, follow these steps. 
  • Make sure your legs are just over your hips. 
  • Portions should remain straight. 
  • Bring your belly button closer to your spine. 
  • Dropping your left arm and right leg toward the floor will start the action. 
  • After resetting them, pull them back up toward the ceiling while lowering your left leg and right arm to the ground. 
  • Always maintain the non-operating arm and leg facing upward. 
  • Execute the same number of repetitions on both sides.
Professional advice: 
  • If you are having problems separating your arms and legs, slow down the action. 
  • This workout requires some coordination.
  • Think for a moment about which arm and leg should remain up and which you should lower. 
  • It’s crucial to maintain your lower back anchored to the ground during this motion, as with the majority of the others on this list. 
  • Don’t lower your arms and legs as low if you feel your back arching.

Best for: transverse abs, rectum, obliques.

16. Mountain Climbers Ab Workout

  • Start by assuming a plank stance, while doing these ab workouts for women.
  • Right knee brought up to the chest.
  • Go back to a plank.
  • Repeat quickly with the left knee. A rep is one.
  • Continue switching.
Professional advice: 
  • This exercise really makes your core burn and raises your heart rate, which is guaranteed to help you step up your fitness game.

Best for: rectus abdominis

17. Glute Bridge March Abs Workout

  • Legs bent, heels beneath knees, and feet flat on the floor while you lay on your back.
  • With your palms up, cross your arms across your chest.
  • Your body should now be in a straight line from your shoulders to your knees by raising your hips.
  • Maintaining a 90-degree angle with your right leg, brace your abs and elevate it over your hip.
  • After a little pause, bring your right foot down.
  • Repeat on the left side. A rep is one.
  • Continue switching.
Professional advice: 
  • This workout targets your glutes as well as two different parts of your core, which will improve your stability overall.

Best for- rectum, transverse abs

How To Prevent Neck Pain While Doing ab workouts for women

  • Do not “pull” your neck in any way. Instead of using your hands to “pull up” on your head whenever your hands are behind your head, try pushing your head into your fingertips.
  • Think of a tennis ball hidden behind your chin. This prevents further neck strain and generates space between your chin and chest.
  • Make adjustments. When you have neck pain, it may be an indication that your core isn’t quite strong enough to finish the activity you’re doing.


These 17 ab workouts for women are for both beginner and advanced-level ladies who want to get a perfect body shape!

Try them and let us know in the comment section what your thoughts are about these exercises.

Cheers to life!


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