13th Week of Pregnancy – Say goodbye to morning sickness

As you officially enters the second trimester, during the 13th week of pregnancy you can say bye-bye to morning sickness. At this stage of pregnancy, your body had probably adjusted and most of the early pregnancy symptoms abate.

Your belly may not be so large, but keep in mind that you’re not supposed to be doing the things that you usually did before. The risk of miscarriage is reduced, but it is important to be extra careful.

Baby’s development

Baby’s development

At this stage of pregnancy, fingerprints start to develop on the little hands that are significant for the identity of the baby. Other changes in the development of the baby include the following:

  • The skin is transparent because there’s no fat underneath the skin, but it is covered by soft, fine hair called as lanugo. The fine hair protects the skin from the water while floating in.
  • The urinary tract and kidneys are functional that’s why the amniotic fluid that has been swallowed will excreted from the body.
  • The vocal cords are developed, but the eyelids are still fused allowing the eyes to mature.
  • The baby is now able to use the muscles to pull and push oneself in different positions and soon you’ll feel kicking in your abdomen.
  • The brain connections that will be used to send messages to muscles and nerves are developed.
  • At 13th week, the baby can hiccup and yawn, and she may position her thumb inside her mouth ready for the sucking action.

The baby is about 3 inches in length and weighs 1 ¼ ounces just like the size of a peach.

Changes in your body

Changes in your body

The physical changes in your body start to become obvious aside from the expansion of the uterus. The size of your body will expand to accommodate the growth of the baby. Other changes are noticeable such as:

  • Decreased pressure on the bladder – This means that the frequency of urinating decreases because the pressure on the bladder has eased.
  • Pelvic pain – At this period, you will experience abdominal and pelvic pain. You may also feel discomfort as the ligaments hold on to the uterus. But, there’s nothing to worry about because the pain is tolerable.
  • Vaginal leaks – The secretion of vaginal discharge increases that’s why you may need to use panty liners. The leucorrhea protects the birth canal against infection and keeps healthy balance of bacteria.
  • Continuing heartburn – You may continue to experience heartburn because the stomach acid seeps back to the esophagus, but it is normal.
  • Pain with discharge – If you feel pelvic pain along with any type of fluid loss or blood, you should consult your doctor immediately as it can be a sign of miscarriage.
  • Changes in blood pressure and volume – The blood volume continue to increase enough to meet the needs of the uterus to nourish the developing baby.

As the pregnancy progresses, you may gain weight, but it should be not more than 10-12 kg throughout the whole course of pregnancy. It’s not necessary to double the quantity of the food you eat, but you should pay attention on the nutrients. Gaining weight more than the required may cause difficulty to shed off after giving birth.

It is also important to obtain enough protein at least 71 grams per day. With this you should include eggs, lean meats, nuts, beans, dairy products, and soy products in your diet. Be ready to experience nose bleeds, congestion, and blocked ears due to the increased supply of blood to the mucous membranes.

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