12th Week of Pregnancy – The honeymoon period of pregnancy

As the 12th week of pregnancy starts, it marks the beginning of the second trimester. This can be less stressful and is considered to be the. The baby has taken the big steps of the growth and development. During the second trimester, the risk of miscarriages is drastically reduced. In fact, all the major organs of your baby were developed and the placenta is responsible for providing all the baby’s needs.

Baby’s development

Baby's development

The size of the baby at the 12th week of pregnancy is similar to a large plum. The baby weighs about half an ounce and approximately 2 inches.

As the second trimester begins, the baby has developed more like a human being. The facial features, head, limbs, and all essential organs were all developed as well as the reflexes needed to survive. Although the movements are not yet felt clearly, but you’ll notice that the baby moves when your tummy is prodded.

At the start of the second trimester, some of the noticeable developments include the following:

  • The chambers of the heart are fully developed and start to pump blood throughout the body and limbs. The heartbeat is about 160bpm, twice faster than the heartbeat of an adult.
  • Although the intestine isn’t that mature, but it can move into the abdomen. Likewise, the digestive system is now ready to accommodate the food and practice contraction movements for pooping.
  • The essential neurological connections of the brain were formed as the nerve cells multiplied swiftly.
  • The baby can respond to external stimulus.
  • The bone marrow does its job to produce white blood cells necessary to fight infections. Thus, the defense system of the baby is properly functioning.
  • Movements include curling the toes, moving the eye muscles, closing the fingers, and sucking movements.
  • The placenta and umbilical cord are fully developed and ready to do their functions effectively.
  • The kidneys begin to secrete urine while the liver is producing bile.

Changes in your body

During the 12th week of pregnancy, the bump is quiet noticeable. It’s about time to invest in your maternity wardrobe. With this, a pregnant mother may experience changes in the body such as:

  • Tight fitting clothes might cause discomfort as your waistline starts to thicken.
  • You can feel your uterus above your pubic bone.
  • Acid indigestion or heartburn still remains along with dizziness and headache. In fact, the intensity and frequency of these symptoms increase in the coming weeks.
  • Vaginal discharge also increases, but it plays important role to your pregnancy as it protects you against infections.

Urinary tract infection is also possible at this stage of pregnancy that’s why you need to know how to prevent and treat the infection; otherwise it will affect your pregnancy. Here are some tips to avoid UTI during pregnancy:

  • Drink more water, unsweetened and fresh cranberry juice.
  • Make sure to empty your bladder completely and if you engage in sex, you should urinate before and after and wash thoroughly.
  • Take supplements such as vitamin C, Zinc, and beta-carotene.
  • Wash your genitals and pat dry using soft towel.
  • Wear soft and clean cotton panties and change regularly.
  • If you suspect that you’re infected, consult your doctor the soonest possible time.

As your pregnancy advance, you should anticipate to experience back pain. That’s why you need to pay attention to your posture to avoid back pain. It’s a big no to lift heavy things as it may aggravate the back problems.

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